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Q: What are your qualifications?: Nothing :D
Q: What do you know about global economics?: Nothing :D

Q: Are you in politics?: No, I just found the website and filled it in as a "hobby for God." I have a wife and kids at home and I work at a plant, if we're cool.

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"Both in love with a sexy lady", Flight of the Conchordes

Keep kickin', Libby - Ghostbusters 2
  • "We should thank our lucky stars we have people of all stripes."

  • Or like, "It's all just cooked right in to that big pasketti casserole-dish in the sky."

  • Or um, "Society is the Product"

  • Or, "Think Inter-Planetary"

  • Or uh, "Like a car rally, not a care race"?

  • Or, "We're a genius"

Patrick & Eugene, "(Whatever You Do) Don't Stop"

Makem and Clancy, All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir

If you're like me, you find yourself thinking (on big issue after big issue):

  • The conservatives are sort of right. Kind of. Their grounds make sense. That's good stuff, but it's partial.

  • The liberals are kind of right. Sort of. Their grounds make sense. That's good stuff, but it's partial.

They both make points that don't decay. I wonder if there's a patch we could lay on that puppy, get it to settle down.

The world is beautiful for its variety. I learned everything I've got from people not like me.


Sometimes the other fellow will freak out and windmill at you. People hate arguing.

"Gravity is Up"

No! Gravity is down. That's what everyone thinks, on every side. So not just every issue really has two sides with merit, if you see what I mean.



Politics in General

We're all such good people at heart, we've gone overboard trying to find a bad guy. Let's stop doing politics this way. Let's treat it like a group art project, like a symphony. Society is a canvas, not a battlefield.


Sustainability - The Whole Point, Right?

We're all about systems that are set up to last. If your plan depends on anything that can run out, it's bad.

So we have to become self-sustaining - a machine we could sell to aliens.

So let's not argue about having a healthy environment, of all things! Stop wasting time. Get a little of that "team fire" in your belly.

It's like SimCity 2000?

Moderate Capitalism

Capitalism is what works, but it only works when it's in check. Like, some people are jerks.

But it has all the coolest stuff, this capitalis-mo. Free society, great products at low low prices, a productive life working for The Enormously Large Company Whom We All Love So Dearly

Communism failed, capitalism fails without feeling it all the time. Look in between, see what is like [police, fire, school, army, health] service and what is just business.

I'm workin' in the flea market so early

"The Admission Fee"

I think of taxes as the admission fee to an amusement park. If you don't like the prices, or the way they're being spent, hey, say something. But there's going to be a fee.

The Size of the Government

Gigantic. Just gigantic, way huge. A personal assistant/super-cop for every man, woman and child. Just one guy, namely you, has to work 20 hours a day while everyone else laughs at you.

No, tiny, total anarchy. The powerful using the weak as serfs; armed robbery in the open streets.

No, somewhere in between. Whatever works.

"Not much guidance there," I guess, but the extremes are pretty useless too.

[See Kill the Robots]
[See Internalized Economies]

Campaign Finance Reform

It's not fair for corporations to write their own laws. Get money out of politics, it don't mix good.



Ranked Choice Voting / Instant Run-off Voting (IRV)

Instant Run-off Voting is where you rank the candidates, and if your first choice loses, your vote goes to your second, etc.

So your vote always goes to someone you picked, and you don't have to worry about "throwing your vote away" on a third-party candidate.

They're already using this successfully in Australia for the Parliament, in various states around the world, etc.

See also
See also


Turn Off the Robots

"We need job creators, not ah belly-ache-ers."  :D 

(Or, "You mean to tell me that this robot-ical man can sit there and make my money instead of me all day and night?! And I'll be off on my boots again at age 45, and a wife and teens? Well, finally!")

Robots can ultimately do just about anything, including your job, friend !!! Call it a "modern mess."

Robots don't need jobs, you know? That's "ash cash," as they say. Let's turn 'em off. Some of them. Anything you don't need a robot for, you know?

Let's measure wealth in cubicles instead of billions.

Look, I made a delightful graph:

Any more, when I see a building, all I see is one big potential robot, and more people who can't support their families.

Why do we need-need even one employee working in a McDonald's? You know?

We're going to have to decide to start turning some of them off to keep society working.

Kill the Robots
More Robots
More Robots
More People
More People
Less Jobs
Less Jobs


Gay Rights & Marriage

Now folks, this is going to come as a shock, but some people are gay.

(I Mean Seriously, it's Like a Dang Beer, Guy)

We have a right to throw awesome music parties; it's in the Constitution to enjoy awesome music parties.

Good with music and cheese puffs. What's the beef, Chief? See [Mandatory Marijuana .com]


The Gold Standard

So, people into economics will insist that the gold standard is important. Here's former congressman Ron Paul:

The "This Guy's a Socialist!!!" Section
Or, "Capitalism Rules at Most Things, Except e.g. Police or Education [...]"


Universal Healthcare

So, yeah, pro-universal health care. Why? It's cheaper by a large margin because it cuts out a middle man (the insurer). It has its problems, but across dozens of countries for decades, it works; it's a right of every working person, at least. If you're working your whole life like most people, you shouldn't be living in fear of bankruptcy over a broken arm or whatever.

(On the other hand, should we all pay for your vices? Is that fair, folks?)

The thing is, being poor is scary. It's rough to try to raise kids when you're one medical emergency away from bankruptcy.

The math, the facts, history - Canada, Australia, etc for decades - say this way is better; this way works. This is how a peaceful society respects and acts as soil for its people.


K-Jobs Education

Yeah - 100%! Educate every person for a role that can sustain them, don't complain about welfare. Train a welder or a teacher or a nurse, train a software engineer.


The Unions

Thank goodness for the unions. The unions made life livable in this country. "Some people are greedy," and working people need to stand up for themselves.


The Environment

The environment, we're arguing about?? Where else you think we're gonna live, my man? Like, get your head right, we have to live sustainably, quit wasting time and energy.

It doesn't matter what caused it; it matters how we're going to fix it.

Have a little team spirit.

We support the full mixed-source energy grid [wind, big solar, nuclear, geothermal, whatever's clever], carbon sinks, and all this good sustainability tech.

It's like SimCity 2000?

Farm Animals

Farm animals' rights belong in the picture of a better society.

My idea was "feedlot radios," play them some nice music that they like. The research shows it's good for them and they like it. Healthier for everyone, right?

If God gives you dominion or "stewardship" over something, you had better do a good job!

'Skrawk! It's a living!' - The bird from 'The Flinstones'
"Skrawk! It's a living!" - The bird from The Flinstones

The "This Guy's a Red-Pilled Gun Nut!!!" Section

Gun Controllers

What, you don't like gun controllers? For like arcade games? Naw, we're fooling around.

But seriously, we have a right to armed bears, it's in the Bill of Rights. It's a serious statement: We will protect ourselves and our families however we can!

The right to bear arms?

It's my stuff, and my family, and we're apt to have a gun to protect it. "If you outlaw guns, only guns will have guns..." Wait, that's not it.

It's like how there will always be drunk driving deaths, but we don't ban alcohol? It's very sad, but it's already against the law.

We support, you know, background checks and waiting periods and fun stuff like that. Like, guns are dangerous. Whatever's clever. Maybe those fingerprint things?

While we're in the neighborhood... Folks should also recognize (if they haven't) that the arms industry has a vested interest in cultivating war. Well, they do. Uh-huh. Do to.


Some Kind of One-World Government

Nope. One-world government sounds like a bad idea. We do have global concerns, and need global conferences and such, but I fear centralized, corrupt power and the loss of autonomy.  The Constitution favors a limited-"style" government.


Abortion - What about Pre-Natal Incubation?

Abortion is a tough topic. We're sensitive to the arguments made by both sides and believe abortion should be "safe, legal, and rarer and rarer."

There is no perfect solution here, and not much room for a compromise.

After years of trying to work this out, it occurred to us... this may sound wacky, but what about pre-natal incubation as an option? "Very early adoption?"

Here's an article about the technology. Dr. Yoshinori Kubawara of Japan has had great early success.

Where this conversation goes next is, what about the additional burden on our already-overburdened and deeply flawed foster care system? Who will watch these kids?

So one thing is, we can majorly fix foster care. With money. Take money out of the perpetual war budget.

We also strongly favor free birth control available at any age, and in general the rights of both parties. "Extended sphere of concern."

The World Peace Today Section


World Religions Please Calm it on Down

What's this all been about, why all the fighting over who God loves? Can we just drop it please? The creator of the universe's name is Mike; no, it's Dan; how dare you to call the guy Mike; the heck you say, it's Steve.

Everyone's trying to say the creator of the universe is amazing and loves us. What a thing to fight about!

Me, I'm a Hare Christian

Cultures - "Yay, Some of Those!"

Look... Why do you want to have everyone in the world look and act just like you? Doesn't that sound, I don't know, boring?

Or I think like, "is a sandwich better, or a soup?" Well, if they cancel either one, the people will revolt! The question is wrong.

Coke vs. Pepsi

Let's not self-destruct now. I think like we're trying to sell this planet to some aliens, take this show on the road.

copy left out overnight with gross roaches