"It's not that complicated"

We're big fans of this idea. Obviously. We think it's an idea with some real potential.

But... I mean... it's got this built-in problem, just like anything. Isn't this wishy-washy? Too much with the questioning? It's important to take sides, not some squishy grey center, a lot of the time. "Too moderate."

And we get that, but... Our feeling is that ahhh... you're kind of ahhh... yer doing it wrong? :\

[The example I use, Gravity. Like, what's the moderate position on gravity going to be? "Down," if you see what I mean.]

Like... life and the issues we face as a society are kind of complicated, and we should treat them that way - but they're not really that complicated.

We don't have to endlessly revisit the gravity issue - or whether you should pickpocket old ladies, or whether sandwiches are delicious and music is cool, "don't step in front of a moving bus," etc. This stuff doesn't change. It's just the world.

The ones that are hard, well, we ought to take a bit of time, no? Measure twice, cut once.

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