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The first guy to buy legal weed

"Who got stuck holding the bag?"

If you look back at the thing, it's all about the cultural earthquake in the 60's. Both sides "got stuck holding the bag" with a bunch of stuff that just didn't fit on the other side.

Ancient Made-up Proverb

"If your mind is too closed, no thoughts can get in. If it is too open, no thoughts will stay in." - Ancient Made-up Proverb

"Love of the Game"

"Lost the love of the game, lost that team fire."


This thing of "Taking criticism like a wimp, and giving it like a jerk."

"Is it proper"

"Is it proper?" Is it proper; is it about everyone else and you both.

This mistake of...

It's this mistake of putting the most sympathetic person in charge of sympathy, the most cut-throat person in charge of profits, etc. like that...

"Still ruined..."

It's this thing where, as long as pot is illegal and you "can't have one damned beer until the day you die because you'll get fired," the world's ruined. It sucks, folks hate it.

As long as abortion is legal, and everyone has to put up with this violation of the kid's right, the world's ruined.

As long as we have to listen to this stuff about pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps to take a job back from a robot, the world's ruined.

Like, it's not right yet, people are in jail and dead. Know what I mean?

Us vs. We

Us vs. Us way of thinking, better than some "wimpy" Us vs. Them approach

"The same test..."

...I'll tell you again

"If I have to tell you one more time... well then, I'll tell you again :D"

"Grown-up kids"

Just grown-up kids, not a person on the planet with more than 100 years on 'em. That's tiddly-winks.

"Mock Turtleneck"

You know how there's a turtleneck, and then there's a mock turtleneck? Like it's still a turtleneck, it's just for different weather or something?

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