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Various Issues in one minute each!!

-- In Which I Flail My Arms Pathetically
at a Stack Of Trouble While You Yell at Me --

-- An Intense, Over-Bearing Manifesto or Lengthy, Insulting Tirade --

Q: What are your qualifications?: Nothing :D
Q: What do you know about global economics?: Nothing :D

Q: Are you in politics?: No, I just found the website and filled it in as a "hobby for God." I have a whole page here about how this works better as a website, at least without ranked choice voting. I have a wife and kids, if we're cool.

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"Both after the same chick," kind of, you know?

More Slogans and Things:
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  • "We should thank our lucky stars we have people of all stripes."

  • Or like, "It's all just a-cooked right in to that big pasketti casserole-dish in the sky."

  • Or, "Think Inter-Planetary"

  • Or um...
    "Now, don't get me wrong... I like the people of
    [ random culture ]. I really do; they're just plain nice folks.

    But - and I've got to take a super-serious tone on this one - they're making a mistake as regards [Issue #14-R]. There is more to say on that."

  • Or like, "After further reflection..."
  • Or uh, "You can't prove anything with your violence, guy."

  • Or uh, "Lookie there! Some peoples!"
  • Or uh, "Like a car rally, not a care race"(?)

  • Or uh, "Look, that's just their schtick, that's their thing! *shrug*"
  • Or, "Oh, he's a character, all right."
  • Or like, this "'You're elite at what you do; they're elite at what they do.'"

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(The plasma responds to the mood, is the idea of the movie.)

I have a wife and kids; let's "play nice."

I have this objective in my life these last however many years, to "like the guy even though I don't like his politics." You can't teach a cat to quack. You take the good, you take the bad, and there you have the facts of life. The Facts. Of. Life.

Table of Contents

The First Amendment - Freedom of the Mouth to Fail to Stop Talking Thanks :D

It's a free country. There's going to be people that don't belong to your religion, and don't care to. People who belong to religions you don't care about. There's going to be gays. Whatever. There's going to be one of everyone.

They all want to be treated well, and you're the jerk if you can't bother. Just get used to it, you know?

Just so personally, I think the machinery needs it. I think God made us complementary to one another, as teacher-learners.


Self-Correcting Systems (Be Critical of Your Big Ideas, Too)

I don't like systems that can't correct themselves. Are you super conservative about enjoying cake? An area to be as strict as you can? Are you super liberal about your ability to fly? Figure, hey, why not, I'll give it a whack?

We need a variety of eyes on it to get good stuff out of the machinery.


"Are you new here, pal?"

This probably sounds hokey, but I'm going to say it: calling people stupid is bad for the works. There's no such thing as stupid.

They're just new at this or that; they need something explained better.


Sometimes the other fellow will freak out and windmill at you.


"Gravity is Up"

No! Gravity is down. That's what everyone thinks, on every side. So not just every issue really has two sides with merit, if you see what I mean.


Being a Jerk to Make My Point, But Dag
(Freaking out about how nobody is even listening to you, for seriously)

Does anyone else find it basically impossible to get other people to listen unless you get all bent out of shape? Well, I do. I hate that.

The only thing that ever works is to start with some compliments, to show you're there to learn. "You gotta bring cookies."


Politics in General

I think we're all such good people at heart, we've gone overboard trying to find a bad guy. Well, we're all accidentally the bad guy at times, all get lost, ain't it? Most folks are just plain nice. 'Cancel politics,' a little, you know? We can be serious without losing the... heartbeat?

"We're doing a whole thing here, people."


Sustainability - The Whole Point, Right?

We're all about systems that are set up to last. We need the environment (it's a mix of ideas, how... Nuclear, tho...), and also too but also, we need the economy. (Our idea is to build up "internalized economies" in each country around the "sustainable" concept).

I mean, we do, don't we? Let's just get it done; our kids need that stuff.

We will run out of oil; by then the entire world has to run on the replacement - trucks, heavy equipment, ships, planes, all of it.
So let's get on it! That's what's right, come on now. Get a little of that "team fire" in your belly.

"Stabilize the system." Let's remember that another name for "a natural correction" is "a huge disaster."

It's like SimCity 2000?

Capitalism but for People

Yay! Modern capitalism is pretty awesome :)

Don't get me wrong, it needs its checks and balances, but it has all the coolest stuff. Free society, great products, a productive life working for The Enormously Large Company Whom We All Love So Dearly... *blink blink*

Heck yeah to more of this "commerce" I keep hearing of! Heck yeah to more snappy products!

At the same time, some guys are jerks. We're in a society here, people. It's not just about dreams and freedoms; all this stuff is a responsibility. So, like it or not, there's going to be smoke-stack laws. Checks and balances, checks and balances...

The idea that socialism and capitalism are at odds is just a boogey-man. Socialism - schools, fire service, police, the army, the roads, it's all socialism.

On that subject, KILL THE ROBOTS.

(See also Small Business Owners)
(See also Internalized Economies)

I been working in the flea market so early
(...I've been working here since me mother was a baby...)


The Size of the Government

Gigantic. Just gigantic, way huge. A personal assistant/super-cop for every man, woman and child. Just one guy, namely you, has to work 20 hours a day while everyone else laughs at you.

No, tiny, total anarchy. The powerful using the weak as serfs; armed robbery in the open streets.

No, somewhere in between.

"Not much guidance there," I guess, but the extremes are pretty useless too. If you were running a giant town, you'd want it to have the best schools, but be worried about waste and corruption *shrug* it's what's required is required.

Fundamentally, this is about running our world for our own benefit. Capitalism with rules, capitalism for people, capitalism with schools and hospitals and parental leave, capitalism with worker and environmental and even trade protections, like we're all just humans and this is to make life here good. [See Kill the Robots]
[See Internalized Economies]

  • Or um, "A big slice for the captain, fine, but not the 'whole entire' share"...

  • Or um, "It's my dang toilet paper; don't go being stingy on the toilet paper now."

Small Business Owners

... are not part of the super-rich. They shouldn't be taxed out of business. I know small business owners, and they're middle class and in debt.


"The Admission Fee"

I think of taxes as the admission fee to an amusement park. If you don't like the prices, or the way they're being spent, hey, say something. But there's going to be a fee.


Campaign Finance Reform

Money is terrible for politics. Public funding of elections today. And instant runoff voting/ranked choice.



Ranked Choice Voting / Instant Run-off Voting (IRV)

Instant Run-off Voting is even better than Voting Classic! Yay for it.

(See also the "real vs. fake" page)

You rank the candidates, and if your first-choice candidate doesn't get a majority, your vote falls off to your second choice, third choice, and so on. That way, your vote always goes to your preferred candidate.

They're already using this successfully in Australia for the Parliament, so you know it's good. Crikey!

See also
See also


Turn Off the Robots

"We need job creators, not ah belly-ache-ers."  :D 

(Or, "You mean to tell me that this robot-ical man can sit there and make my money instead of me all day and night?! And I'll be off on my boots again at age 45, and a wife and teens? Well, finally!")

The trickle-down is broken because of the robots. Profits ⇒ Jobs ⇒ Spending ⇒ Profits only works if Profits ⇒ Jobs.

Robots can ultimately do just about anything, including your job, friend !!! Call it a "modern mess." There aren't unlimited markets to expand in to, or very many things a robot can't do and do better. Let's be honest.

Robots don't need jobs, you know? That's "ash cash," as they say. Let's turn 'em off. Some of them. Anything you don't need a robot for, you know?

Let's measure wealth in cubicles.

Look, I made a delightful graph:
More Robots
More Robots
+ More People
More People
= Less Jobs
Less Jobs

Any more, when I see a building, all I see is one big potential robot, and more people who can't support their families.

Why do we need-need even one employee working in a McDonald's? You know?

The trickle down is broken because of the robots.  Profits -> Jobs -> Spending -> Profits only works if Profits -> Jobs

Illegal Immigration (Mexico)

Look, I don't think there shouldn't be a wall, I just don't think it will work. Any wall can be tunneled, cut, catapulted. But if it's built, fine, I guess.

That said, the issue is being hugely exaggerated (you can't get welfare without papers, and it's debatable whether there is even a net loss versus the value of the labor), outsourcing and automation are much more responsible for good job loss) to get you mad. Look at a pie chart; it's the defense budget, not whatever crumbs of fraud. Also, many of these people are refugees, like my Lord and savior; don't be so cold.

See also Over-Population
See also Internalized Economies



K-Jobs. K-16. K-Adult. All the way. What is the point of educating our own kids, again? So that they come out with a degree they can't use to get a job, get on the dole, and we can complain about that?

Would it be terrible if they were 21-22 instead and had a welding or a nursing or a teaching certificate? Isn't that our role here as a family?

We can condition it like "you have to go into x y z one of these fields where there is a lot of demand"

Also, what about free online college? That way people who want to pursue other things can do it for a tiny cost to the taxpayer.


Single Payer Healthcare

I know, I know. It's a-socialism ahhhhhh. Okay?

Look, I was skeptical, but to be honest, medicine and money don't mix. Medicine is a mitzvah, a calling. The system we have in this country leaves so many people broken in crushing debt, forced to make terrible choices, just for the crime of being human and aging.

When I learned more, I realized they've had this single-payer system in every other modern country, in 32 countries, for decades now, and what I hear from those people is they are astonished that Americans are afraid to take an ambulance because it will bankrupt them, that they don't live in fear. This is our country, do we have to live in fear? Why?

And all that said, do you know, their system costs 60-75% of what ours does. Is it perfect, no, is it better, that's my take on it.


The Deficit

So what's the problem, we can't balance a checkbook here? Some kinda checkbook problems? Actuarial tables, tap-a-tap-a-type-type? Sounds like you need an accountant? Increase income, cut spending? Try Mark Minglebury, 804 Taft Ave, he's professional and affordable.



"So what's the problem, we can't balance a checkbook here? Some kinda checkbook problems?"  If we need to, I guess we'll probably set up tax disincentives for having more than two kids?

Same graph:
More Robots
More Robots
+ More People
More People
= Less Jobs
Less Jobs



No way, call it profiteering and say no way. Out-sourcing boo.

(See Internalized Economies)


Internalized Economies

I don't know anything really about economics, to be honest. :D

But, I have this idea that every country can produce its own goods and services, and just not trade much with the others. Like "start your own" Local Pepsi© franchise or whatever. I think that would create a lot of jobs, and help stabilize all the countries that can't compete in the global market.

Also, turn off the robots, if I didn't mention, is a recurring theme. Measure success in business primarily as jobs created, not just by profit.


Gun Controllers

What, you don't like gun controllers? Totally fun, for like with that game, Duck Hunt? Naw, I'm fooling around.

But seriously, we have a right to armed bears, it's in the Bill of Rights. It's about being able to raise up an army if we absolutely have to.

The right to bear arms?

It's my stuff, and my family, and I'm apt to have a gun to protect it. "If you outlaw guns, only guns will have..." Wait, that's not it. Also, hey, it's a hobby for some people. You don't have any hobbies people don't like?

It's like how there will always be drunk driving deaths, but we don't ban alcohol? It's very sad, but it's already against the law.

We support, you know, background checks and waiting periods and fun stuff like that. Whatever's clever. Maybe those fingerprint things?

While I'm in the neighborhood... Folks should also recognize (if they haven't) that the arms industry has a vested interest in cultivating war. Well, they do. Uh-huh. Do too. So STOP KILLING BROWN KIDS WITH MY HEALTHCARE MONEY. :D


The Environment

Look, we are going to run out of oil, and everything has to be cut over to whatever comes next - planes, ships, heavy equipment - way in advance so society doesn't explode.

Okay? So can we move on about using a non-renewable pollutant and get serious about building a sustainable place for our kids to live?

We support the full mixed-source energy grid [wind, big solar, nuclear, geothermal, whatever's clever], carbon sinks, and all this good sustainability tech. We should also be warning folks on the coasts, getting plans in place for the bad storms.



For serious? You're wanting to tell me what type of food I can eat? In my own home?

Seriously, that's this idea you kicked around? Seemed like a winner, I take it?


Pro- Marijuana
(I Mean Seriously, it's Like a Dang Beer, Guy)

Look... Do you know what a "union scab" is? A line-crosser?

We have a right to throw awesome music parties; it's in the Constitution to enjoy awesome music parties.

It's like if I said, "If you ever have one beer - yeah, one beer - any time from now until the day you die - well, pal, I'll find out - and then I get to take your wife, your job, your resume, and all your cash. Nope, no reason."

Respect that everybody's working for the week-end, consider it a Prohibition-era thing, and just drop it. No, no, you're wrong: just drop it. Pot never killed anyone; it helps sick folks. Makes good cupcakes and twine. Good with music and cheese puffs. What's the beef, Chief? See [Mandatory Marijuana .com

Of course, being sober gets a bad rap. Got to keep the engine clean, at least.


Some Kind of One-World Government

Nope. One-world government sounds like a bad idea. We do have global concerns, and need global conferences and such, but I fear centralized, corrupt power and the loss of autonomy.  The Constitution favors a limited-"style" government.


Ayn Rand and The Dangers of Fiction

Fiction is a bad way to do philosophy. Everyone sides with the hero of the story.

Ayn Rand is great on one side of the subject, but just that side. Don't get me wrong, I like individualism. Dreams are good.

Ayn Rand's work helped us find the flaw with Communism. It's fine to want a big slice of the pie; a little bit of fancy for yourself, hey :D

But, individualism isn't going to protect the community from an individual, and some guys are jerks, am I wrong.

"We're doing a whole big thing here." That's 'God's money,' it's for building the works. ;D

We need super-man business leaders who are "hostly," who are in it to create jobs.

The trickle down is broken because of the robots.


The Unions

Thank goodness for the unions, but also for checks and balances. It's a thing where people get a little overboard sometimes about whatever club they're in, but it's still good that it's there. The unions made life livable in this country with OSHA and all that stuff.


Abortion - What about Pre-Natal Incubation?

After years of trying to work this out, hitting a dead end in either direction, it occurred to us... what about pre-natal incubation? As an option, it gives pro-life folks a place to concentrate money, funds and sales efforts and pro-choice folks another choice they may prefer (see foster care). We think a pre-natal incubation option will render the entire abortion dilemma largely moot within the next 10-15 years. (There will still be rape, medical necessity, people will disagree, but the landscape will change a LOT.)

Here's an article about the technology. Dr. Yoshinori Kubawara of Japan has had great early success.

We also strongly favor free birth control available at any age as part of single-payer, and in general the rights of both parties. "Extended sphere of concern."

The question is MOOT! (Got a whole bag of moot)


Foster Care Matters

For pre-natal incubation to work, and for our own good name in history, we need to fix the foster care system. Too much abuse, too many kids between the cracks. That's not Christian to me, that's not the greatest country on earth. Here's a few things to do:

  • Fund it! Take the money from the perpetual-manufactured-war-about-nothing budget and stop propping up the arms industry. Funding means case workers, inspections, facilities.
  • Bi-annual lie detector tests for foster parents and easy web-based reporting for kids.
  • Single-gender foster homes


Vegan Factory Farming - Farm Animals Are Fluffy

My idea was "feedlot radios," play them some nice music that they like. The research shows it's good for them and they like it. Healthier for everyone, right? Come on, don't be a stick-in-the-mud, ham-pops! :D "SKRAWK! It's a living!", as the bird said.

If God gives you dominion or "stewardship" over something, you had better do a good job! I think we should try to treat farm-lot animals like a sort of a co-worker, a fuzzy farm friend. "It's gotta be proper," as they say. "Vegan factory farming," let's call it. Farm radios, close-quarters laws, zonked-out slaughter, that kind of thing.

'Skrawk! It's a living!' - The bird from 'The Flinstones'
"Skrawk! It's a living!" - The bird from The Flinstones



Islam means 'peace,' and most Muslims are every day, hard-working, moral people. Let's not let their Angry Young Men take their religion.

As a Christian sort of a guy, I hope the folks will learn "sales", "seed-tending." You just can't prove anything with violence. It's an "own-goal."

What's this all been about? The creator of the universe's name is Mike; no, it's Dan; how dare you to call the guy Mike; the heck you say, it's Steve.

(Put this another way, to both sides: if you have a plan that involves billions of people suddenly changing religions because their worst enemy is telling them to -- your plan is terrible.)


Israel and Palestine

It's going to have to be a two-state solution. Everyone has a claim, no one's backing down.


Cultures - "Yay, Some of Those!"

"Win-Win" - "Lookie, kids, unusual people!"

If they like it, and they're not too demanding, hey. "Ain't like I'm any better..."

Yay, whacky variety! Why do you want to have everyone in the world look and act just like you? Doesn't that sound, I don't know, boring?

I mean, do your thing, you know? I avoid, y'know, the roll-around-in-a-bag-of-rusty-nails-and-lemons crowd :P Not everything is for everyone.

Or I think like, "is a sandwich better, or a soup?" Well, if they cancel either one, I'm going to cry! The question is wrong.

Coke vs. Pepsi

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